How we can help you

How we can help you

Road to maturity

Our services are implemented across four distinct phases of the maturity lifecycle: Inform, Learn, Connect and Optimise. The lifecycle is inherently a loop. You should cycle through it regularly, getting better each time until you have reached the level of maturity that suits your level of ambition. Want to know where to start your journey, master the essential skills, get digitally smart or improve decision making? Value Tech Everyday has got you covered every step of the way.

Our services

IT Financial Management Health Scan

Inform phase
For CFO’s, CIO’s, financial controllers and product or service owners.
Managing the financials of your IT organisation is complex and cumbersome. That’s why a lot of organisations are losing track of both value and costs of their IT. Our Health Scan highlights those areas where you should get more value from IT or where IT is just costing too much. Lost track of cost and value? With our Health Scan you are back on track quickly.
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Training and Coaching

Learn phase
For CFO’s, CIO’s, financial controllers, product or service owners and sourcing managers.
To provide you with the best possible start on your journey into cost efficiency we have combined over 20 years of IT and financial insight into our training and coaching program. Our curriculum covers all essentials for the everyday management of the financials of your IT organisation such as IT and Finance basics, the art of connecting cost to business value and decision making.
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Connect Business Value

Connect phase
For CFO’s, CIO’s, financial controllers and product or service owners.
Digitally smart. That best describes our predictive cost models. We connect your cost to business value and provide you with insights that truly reflect what is happening on your technology estate. Incentivise sustainable consumption, predict future cash flows, track benefits or negotiate better deals with your vendors? It’s all in reach with our Connect Business Value service!
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Optimise Investments

Optimise phase
For CFO’s, CIO’s, financial controllers and product or service owners.
You make decisions all the time. Let us guide you in making better decisions with our Optimise Investments service. Because we use an iterative approach to investment analysis variances are identified much faster and can be act upon much quicker. You will be more precise and have less surprise. Need better decisions on a day-to-day basis for portfolios or digital transformation programs? You’ve come to the right place.
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IT Due Diligence Scan

Inform phase
For investment managers.
When merging or acquiring a company the buyer performs a process of due diligence in order to carefully assess associated costs and risks. A crucial area of due diligence that is often overlooked is the state of technology. We minimise financial risk and increase success rates by monetising the technical debt of a company. Run and investment cash flow projections for various acquisition scenarios, a strategic gap-fit analysis and a SWOT analysis are exemplary outcomes of the Due Diligence Scan.
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IT Intellectual Property Scan

Inform phase
For CFO’s, CIO’s and investment managers.
The assets that are most valuable to a company, its intellectual property, cannot be protected by copyrights and patents alone. It’s the technology behind it that is equally important. As a stakeholder you need to be aware if the state of technology matches up to business potential and how value is impacted when gaps occur. With our Intellectual Property Scan you are informed.
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