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February 3rd, 2022 | Value Tech Everyday. It's in the name. We help our clients get the best value from technology. A proper tracking of IT assets really helps to explain the added value and costs. That's why we closely follow the news around IT Asset Management (ITAM) and affiliate with good ITAM initiatives such as the Dutch Association of IT Asset Managers.

Dutch Association of IT Asset Managers

The objective of the Dutch Association of IT Asset Managers (ITAM NL) is to work together with all stakeholders to further professionalize IT Asset Management in the Netherlands. In order to elaborate on this objective, the association promotes the exchange of knowledge among its members, with the aim of increasing knowledge, market transparency and a better connection between supply and demand. The association is independent and strives for optimal interaction between all stakeholders.
The Dutch Association of IT Asset Managers regularly publishes a member newsletter of which you can find a sneak preview below. If you are interested in ITAM NL membership, just follow this link!

ITAM NL Newsletter


Foreword by the Chairman

Hennie de Hoog (Chairman Dutch Association of IT Asset Managers) looks back at 2021, the start of ITAM NL, the importance of having sponsors like USU and Flexera and the need to share knowledge and information.

Flexera on "2021 State of the Cloud"

The Cloud is not a miracle cure that automatically solves all problems. Given the speed at which companies are currently on the road to digital transformation, it becomes important to continuously check its added value. We need practical solutions to optimize IT spending.

Brandon Smeets (Lead ICS User Services at Canon): "Four ways to describe ITAM"

  • Practical intelligence: The ability of individuals to find a better connection between themselves and the demands of the environment. That is precisely what you need when it comes to managing the stakeholders of ITAM.
  • Autopilot: It is important to have reliable data sources so that you can make the right decisions. And implementing that decision should be done with as little effort as possible.
  • "Fingerspitzengefühl": For ITAM, it is important to carry this instinct. With practical intelligence and the right tools you can respond very quickly to situations.
  • Playing you: There is no such thing as a "Friendly license review".

USU & Value Tech Everyday: Building a bridge between IT and Finance

Look at your organization's IT systems as if it were a factory. IT is getting to the core of every business and its impact on continuity and costs is vital. A decision on an IT investment requires information on the quantity and quality of the IT environment. This information is often already present in the IT asset administration, but has not been used for financial assessment. Assets are just as important for IT financial management as they are important for IT service delivery.
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