Is your finance department able to keep up with IT?


June 11th, 2022 | Value Tech Everyday. It's in the name. We help our clients get the best value from technology whilst closing the gap between finance and IT.

Is there a culture clash between IT and Finance?

Clever what ICT is doing these days. Continuous delivery, automated testing and continuous improvements. Every single day! But what about the rest of the organization? Annual budgets, fixed chargebacks, silos, bureaucracy and via the cost categories trying to understand why and how costs move in IT. Not surprisingly, there is a great need for IT controllers.

Taylorian model

Alongside ICT, the other business units seem to be stuck in the 100+ year old Taylorian model (rake and silos), remaining focused on control without a value perspective. Product owners who organize around value from ICT therefore continue to face existing procurement systems with authorization schemes and responsibilities designed to make a 19th century factory efficient. Strange isn't it?

A great way to close the gap!

We give fun in-house trainings to boards, MT's and budget holders in which we discuss this force field and expose the core problems. Super cool training with innovative insights!
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